Welcome to the home page of the 20th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching that will be held in Lille, France, on June 22 - 24, 2009.


  • The best paper award has been given to the paper Sparse RNA folding: time and space efficient algorithms by Rolf Backofen, Dekel Tsur, Shay Zakov and Michal Ziv-Ukelson
  • The best student paper award has been given to the paper Optimal edit distance “1” dictionary by Djamal Belazzougui
  • All you need to know before you go: PDF
  • For those of you who will give a talk, please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick or a CD-ROM (PDF or powerpoint).
  • Online registration is closed. It is now necessary to register on site at the meeting. Payment will be accepted by cash (400 euros for students, 500 euros for other people).


Papers in all areas related to combinatorial pattern matching and its applications will be considered, including, but not limited to, coding and data compression, computational biology, data mining, information retrieval, natural language processing, web algorithms, pattern recognition and discovery, string algorithms, string processing in databases, text searching and word statistics. Both papers reporting on original research unpublished elsewhere and surveys of important results are welcome.

The proceedings will be published in the Springer-Verlag series, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching started in 1990, and has since taken place every year. Proceedings of previous CPM conferences were published as LNCS volumes 644, 684, 807, 937, 1075, 1264, 1448, 1645, 1848, 2089, 2373, 2676, 3109, 3537, 4009, 4580 and 5029.

Download the Call for papers

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