Social program

Old Lille guided tour (Tuesday June, 23)

The Old Lille is the historical centre of Lille. The itinerary allows the discovery of the city's heritage and life through its main sites and monuments: The Rihour Palace, the Old Stock Exchange, the Cathedral Notre Dame de la Treille and the Hospice Comtesse, witness of the Flemish past of the city.
Meeting point: 16:00, Lille Tourism Office, Place Rihour (metro station Rihour)

oldlille1.jpg oldlille2.jpg oldlille3.jpg

The tour will be followed by a beer taste party, at Omnia restaurant.
Meeting point: 17:45, Omnia, 9 rue Esquermoise (near the Grand Place, metro station Rihour)

Conference dinner (Monday June, 22)

The conference dinner will be held at the Restaurant du musée des Beaux-Arts.
Meeting point: 19:30, 18 rue de Valmy (metro station Republique Beaux Arts)

restaurant.jpg musee_beaux_arts.jpg

red_dot.jpg entrance of the restaurant

You can take advantage of your stay in Lille to visit the Palais des Beaux-Arts. It is one of the premier fine arts museums in France. It houses collections of European paintings, a Prints and Drawings Room, a collection of Antiquities, a mediaeval and Renaissance collection, 17th- and 18th-century ceramics, 19th-century French sculptures and 18th-century scale models. more information

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