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  • Norine ID: NOR01923
  • Family: unknown
  • Synonym(s):
  • Activity: antimicrobial
  • Class:
  • Monoisotopic mass: 510.64664 g/mol
  • Source: StreptomeDB
  • Contributor (creation): Norine Bot [CRIStAL (UMR CNRS 9189), ex-LIFL, France]
  • Entry information:
  • Type:
  • Smiles: C/C/1=C/C(O)C(=O)/C=C\C=C/c2nc(C(NC(=O)CC3(CC1)S(=O)SC(=O)C3(C)O)C)sc2

  • Graph inference:

  • Atomic structure:
  • Chemical structure
    rBAN vizualisation:
  • Streptomyces
  • gram: positive
  • taxid: 68187 (view NCBI taxonomy browser)

  • Links between organisms producing the Leinamycin: Streptomyces
  • Noncovalent DNA binding drives DNA alkylation by leinamycin: evidence that the Z,E-5-(thiazol-4-yl)-penta-2,4-dienone moiety of the natural product serves as an atypical DNA intercalator.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society , 2011, 133(44):17641-51
    DOI: 10.1021/ja2046149
    pubMed: 21954957
  • Polyketide chain skipping mechanism in the biosynthesis of the hybrid nonribosomal peptide-polyketide antitumor antibiotic leinamycin in Streptomyces atroolivaceus S-140.
    Journal of natural products , 2006, 69(3):387-93
    DOI: 10.1021/np050467t
    pubMed: 16562841
  • Utilization of the methoxymalonyl-acyl carrier protein biosynthesis locus for cloning the oxazolomycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces albus JA3453.
    Journal of bacteriology , 2006, 188(11):4142-7
    DOI: 10.1128/JB.00173-06
    pubMed: 16707707
  • Chain initiation in the leinamycin-producing hybrid nonribosomal peptide/polyketide synthetase from Streptomyces atroolivaceus S-140. Discrete, monofunctional adenylation enzyme and peptidyl carrier protein that directly load D-alanine.
    The Journal of biological chemistry , 2007, 282(28):20273-82
    DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M702814200
    pubMed: 17502372

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