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Ile-gramicidin B

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  • Norine ID: NOR00247
  • Family: gramicidin
  • Synonym(s): Ile-gramicidin B;
  • Activity: antibiotic
  • Class: peptide
  • Formula: C98H141N19O17
  • Monoisotopic mass: 1856.0752841810001 g/mol
  • Comment: Gramicidin is a heterogeneous mixture of six antibiotic compounds divided into three catagories: Gramicidin A, B and C, all of which are obtained from the soil bacterial species Bacillus brevis and called collectively Gramicidin D. Gramicidin is active against Gram-positive organisms,except for the Gram-positive bacilli, and against certain Gram-negative organisms, such as Neisseria. It is useful in combination with tyrocidin in the local treatment of a variety of superficial infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria.
  • Source: norine
  • Entry information:
    • status: curated
    • last modification date: 2008-08-05
      Norine team [CRIStAL (UMR CNRS 9189), ex-LIFL, France, Univeristy of Lille, France, Charles Viollette Institute, ProBioGEM team, Lille, France]
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  • Bacillus brevis
  • gram: positive
  • synonyms: Brevibacillus brevis
  • taxid: 1393 (view NCBI taxonomy browser)

  • Links between organisms producing the Ile-gramicidin B: Bacillus brevis
  • Structure elucidation of four related substances in gramicidin with liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
    Govaerts C, Orwa J, Van Schepdael A, Roets E, Hoogmartens J, Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM , 2001, 15(2):128-34.
    pubMed: 11180541
  • The linear pentadecapeptide gramicidin is assembled by four multimodular nonribosomal peptide synthetases that comprise 16 modules with 56 catalytic domains
    Marahiel MA, Kessler N, Schuhmann H, Morneweg S, Linne U, The Journal of biological chemistry , 2004, Feb 27,279(9):7413-9.
    pubMed: 14670971

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