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  • Norine ID: NOR01358
  • Family: amphisin
  • Synonym(s):
  • Activity: antibiotic, surfactant
  • Class: lipopeptide
  • Monoisotopic mass: 1409.0 g/mol
  • Comment: Isomery of each monomer is only predictive, not experimentally verified. It has been assigned by comparison with other members of the amphisin family.
  • Source: norine
  • Entry information:
    • status: curated
    • last modification date: 2017-10-23
      Schlusselhuber Margot [Université de Caen Normandie EA4651 ABTE, Equipe MALIM]
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  • Pseudomonas sp. UCMA 17988
  • gram: negative
  • taxid: 136843 (view NCBI taxonomy browser)

  • Links between organisms producing the milkisin: Pseudomonas sp. UCMA 17988

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