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geodiamolide H

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  • Norine ID: NOR00601
  • DOI: 10.26097/nor00601
  • Family: geodiamolide
  • Synonym(s): geodiamolide H;
  • Activity: toxin
  • Class: peptide
  • Formula: C34H44IN3O7
  • Monoisotopic mass: 733.2223937769999 g/mol
  • Comment: Geodiamolides are putative NRPS products (no synthetase genes identified)
  • Source: norine
  • Contributor (creation): Norine Team [CRIStAL (UMR CNRS 9189), ex-LIFL, France, Charles Viollette Institute, ProBioGEM team, Lille, France, University of Lille, France]
  • Entry information:
    • status: putative
    • last modification date: 2019-04-04 by Maude Pupin [Université Lille 1, France, CRIStAL (UMR CNRS 9189), ex-LIFL, France]
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  • Geodia
  • taxid: 6046 (view NCBI taxonomy browser)

  • Links between organisms producing the geodiamolide H: Geodia
  • Geodiamolides H and I, further cyclodepsipeptides from the marine sponge Geodia sp.
    Tinto WF, Lough AJ, McLean S, Reynolds WF, Yu M, Chan WR, Tetrahedron , 1998, 54 (18), pp. 4451-4458
  • The geodiamolide H, derived from brazilian sponge Geodia corticostylifera, regulates actin cytoskeleton, migration and invasion of breast cancer cells cultured in three-dimensional environment
    Freitas VM, Rangel M, Bisson LF, Jaeger RG, Machado-Santelli GM, Journal of cellular physiology , 2008, Sep,216(3):583-94.
    DOI: 10.1002/jcp.21432
    pubMed: 18330887

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